Talk me into it, or out of it please! (2003 Cobra)

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by drivesideways46, Dec 19, 2005.

  1. For the record, that's exactly what went wrong with it.

    Anyway, about a week ago I actually went out to drive the thing.

    Two things that really stuck out about it were the power (of course :D ) and the excessive play in the steering wheel.

    I know that Mustangs generally don't exactly have razor-sharp road feel, but this car had a few inches of play in the steering wheel before the thing would begin to change direction. It made my 2000 GT seem almost s2000-like.

    The power was unreal however, and I was surprised at how linear the delivery felt. I've ridden on Vortech'd fox bodies before that felt like the owner was flipping on a switch when the blower came on. The Cobra just leaps forward under power. I think it'd make a pretty willing partner on a long highway drive.

    After getting back from the test drive, the seller became pretty rude IMO. He said he had another offer, and that I would, "have to make a better one now" because he wasn't going to hold the car.

    Not really liking the high-pressure tactic, I simply told the guy good luck with the sale and walked off.

    However, after driving the Cobra... I kind of felt that I could get the same thing out of the GT. So for now, my search for a Cobra is suspended. I'm actually considering buying a cheap HPDE car, like a Miata or Civic, and just using that car as my beater to run errands in.

    Thanks for all of the help guys!
  2. good choice. sounds like an x car salesman that doesn't know how to talk to customers. there shouldn't be play in the steering wheels. front suspension was probably damaged. call him in a month, he'll probably still have it. ask he if reported the damaged to dmv and insurance. if no, then you made the right choice, if yes, have him prove it.
  3. It's your choice. I just sat down and wrote what I wanted my GT to have, a forged motor, 6 speed, supercharger, etc. It was cheaper just to buy the Cobra and I haven't been disapointed with it yet. It's all in what you want and what you're willing to spend.
  4. i was in the same position as you.

    i should be signing the papers for my cobra tomorrow morning. :D

    enough said i think