Digital Tuning Taming The Timing Eating T4m0

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by joetrainer31, Jan 17, 2014.

  1. yes it works with BE2012

    you dont need eecanalyzer

    the free xls that comes with BE is missing too much to discuss, i guarantee if you unplug your maf sensor your car wont run right

    If you calibrate is correctly it will run perfectly fine without the maf, which isnt possible without the complete definition file from sailorbob
  2. Yes, that makes sense. Thanks you for the input. Ok, to make sure, I should get the Moates, BE, and EecAnalyzer? This stuff is rather intimidating. I'd probably want to lean on guys like you to help me get started. The last time I programmed anything was back in 1983 when I had a Texas Instruments TI99 4A home computer. That was a long time ago.
  3. No problem at all, ask any questions you might have along the way. If you could program a TI99 then this will be child's play. :)

    You don't "need" EECAnalyzer (I don't have a license myself), but it can be valuable if you have the funds (I can say it's valuable because I've downloaded and messed with it but of course am limited by the license), and usually it's discounted if you buy it at the same time. Completely up to you, download it and play with it first to see if it's worth the price to you. For your mods in specific it might be good to get since we discussed the injector timing because of the cam.
  4. Heya jozsefsz. I have another question for you. As I think more about the Moates and the Bama options I was wondering; is it still helpful to get the Moates w/o getting a wide band O2?
  5. I had my Moates for a few years before getting a wideband. You can make all the adjustments without it, though it is helpful to validate you've done things correctly. The Bama option won't have that validation either. Personally I wouldn't worry about a wideband too much unless you were planning something radical or going with forced induction. It's always nice to have (you can get a nice Innovate kit for around $150 on eBay), but not really required.
  6. Thank you. Thats helpful to know. Currently i'm doing things like changing the fluid in the gear box, replacing the power steering pump/lines, and paying off LARGE medical bills. However, I'll keep you updated on the tuner option.

    How are you doing with the tuning? Any new findings?
  7. I look forward to your updates. I'm jealous of your weather - I was in CA about a decade ago in February and it was just beautiful all the time - 70's & sunny with low humidity. I'd move out of here in a heartbeat if it weren't for the cost of living. I haven't spent 30 minutes in the garage since Thanksgiving, we've had endless snow & cold so I don't feel good about putting my '95 out on the driveway (my main project right now is a '78 II v6 for which I'm going to custom fabricate a turbo setup, my '95 is 'done' for now ready to be handed off to my son in a couple of years). What I really need is a huge heated workshop though. :)
  8. jozsefsz, I hear you on the weather. We are only out here (CA) for me to complete my seminary education. We moved out here from CT. We know all about snow and I feel your pain, man. I'd like to be kept up to date on your '78 turbo project.

    I think its awesome that you will hand your '95 over to your son. My father got me all excited about cars with his '65 GTO stories. Anyhow, I will keep you up to date on the tuning ideas.