Targas are cool....

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  1. holy crap that car is for sale!

    really nice car in person. the paint is neat, but not my thing. Magazine car too. I wonder what his next project is that he's selling this one. never met the guy, but from the car....
  2. didn't that guy used to post here?

    targas ARE sweet!
  3. Yeah I meet that guy too at a show. Nice guy, nice car, and I think it has been featured either 2 or 3 times, at least that I know of. Not really my style but the craftsmanship is there.
  4. It says its for sale by a dealership. I wonder if he traded it in for something better. Now the dealer is trying gouge anyone that's interested.
  5. i wonder how much it would cost to do a targa top
  6. ~1500....i plan on getting one this summer
  7. I'd love to do it as well, but it's going to reak havoc on our unibody's unless it's already built and reinforced
  8. I'd love to have a targa or at the least t-tops, itd be so awesome on nice days yet u wouldnt have to deal with the soft top of a vert. My freind's with f-bodies both have t-tops and man its cool to just pull off the sections and have an enormous sunroof lol.
  9. That would be so cool to do the targa, the problem as mentioned earlier is the fact that it will be HELL on your unibody. YOu better have a lot of chassis work before you do that.
  10. I would think a really beefy set of custom subframes would compensate for the lost integrity from the targa. Maybe a 4 point weld in roll cage if the SFC's didn't do the trick.
  11. yeahh i think the roll cage would be the best bet and for the most part you would still have the open top

    what keeps the convertables from flexing without roofs

    man where are the most common shops at that do this

    greenmustanggt where are you gettin yours done at
  12. whell, its something that i have wanted to do for a while, and i figured i should have it done before i get it painted.

    the kits that ive seen come with a fiberglass roof section and gaskets, etc.

    I was planning on doing it myself. and yeah, i would cut out my subframe connectors and get full lengths
  13. Not sure, but head protection is fixed by the size of the A-pillar on the verts...

    a coupe has an A-pillar around half the size

    I think there's extra bracing all around the verts
  14. o ok that probably explains alot of the extra weight with them too i didnt think about that
  15. maybe get that Agent 47 tube frame :D

    wasn't the company like JDM tuning or something like that first started making kits for the targa tops?