Taurus fan into Grand Cherokee w/ 5.9L ?

Discussion in 'Other Auto Tech' started by HaynStang, Sep 26, 2007.

  1. Okay, question on a '98 Grand Cherokee with the 5.9L ... does anyone know how many amps the stock cooling fan draws? Or know of a good GC forum where they would be able to tell me?

    A guy I know has one and his stock fan burned up. We're wondering how easy it would be to replace it with one of the 3.8L Taurus fans I have. It'd be cool if we could just wire it into his existing cooling fan wiring. I know the Taurus fan draws something like close to 100 amps on startup and around 30 running. I figure the Jeep fan can't be that far off, but I dunno.

    I guess worst case scenario we may have to run a relay and possibly some larger gauge wires in the event that the Taurus fan pulls more current. I'm assuming that even if we had to do this, we could still use the factory wiring to activate the fan, since it's already set up for temperature control... does that seem like it would work?
  2. Are there any similar vehicles nearby that you can slap a multimeter upon to test the current load?
  3. No, but how would one go about doing that? Maybe I can find another Jeep with a working fan.
  4. To check the load with a multimeter, place each lead of the meter on each terminal of the fan while the fan is at load to measure the amp draw.
  5. not trying to step on your toes here but to measure current he would have to disconnect the fan and run a jumper from the ground side to the plug and run the positive side through the meter...which could be bad for the meter (well the fuse in the meter). most dvom's only allow a 10 amp current before they pop the fuse.

    to the original poster, how do you know its the fan that is bad? is it hard to run by hand, or is it just not coming on. if its not coming on i would check for power at the fan to begin with. the relay for the fan is going to control the ground side of the circuit so you will always have power to the fan...just not ground. but i dont see why the taurus fan wouldnt work...but are cherokee fans really that expensive? you can probably just buy the motor for like 60 bucks from autozone