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  1. balabalabala
  2. I quote you.
  3. test again.
  4. Hi Noobz347, please see here, I found no double alert for quote...
  5. May or may not still have the problem. I think TT is currently disabled.due to the issues we're having with it.
  6. it's a quote

  7. double quote?
  8. double double
  9. did you see double, now I quote you.
  10. Ok... working on the comment.
  11. I received only one alert for that quote.
  12. I'm guessing that the double quote alerts is because of two quotes really exsit , not one quote with double alert.
  13. how about now?
  14. test test
  15. testetestestestest
  16. asaaadfasdfasdfasdfasdf
  17. It appears to be functioning correctly now. I can't explain why. The only thing that was done differently is that TT was disabled for a day and then enabled just tonight. Before this, we were getting 2 alerts for EVERY quote. Was driving us all buggy.
  18. urh...........okay, if it comes again, please tell us.
  19. If you encountered again, please try to comment the function of alertQuotedMembers in libarary/Tapatalk/Model/Post.(php code). Do you know how to comment php code?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.