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  1. Listen spell it right ass hat it's wytstang or me and my crew will find you

  2. Don't make me post that pic of you and Arnold.
  3. YObi......please come home...
  4. OH Snap.....don't make me bring my crew....

    Sorry typing too fast bad..
  5. :lol: teletubbies are insane
  6. Hey guys, I appreciate you guys laughing and not taking this chit to heart...hopefully it put a smile on your faces.......if so it was worth it..
    I'll leave you with my senior prom night...
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    FRANKS AND BEANS......:rlaugh:
  7. Any body seen my weiner lol....
  8. BTW I'm pretty tipsy right now so this thread made my night after a long days hard work thatnk you guys lol (keep them coming....
  9. man why you gotta make the firefighter look bad checking out some dude's cack
  10. Cause it's funny ****** lol....
  11. should I mention a pic from days of old? now that was funny. Sorry man had to bring it up
  12. :lol: :lol: Its Aaron and Doug LOL
  13. Thats pretty good. Can't wait for the rest of the guys to chime in.
  14. hey, isn't that you're all time favorite? Keven!!!
  15. I'm the guy with the "A" shirt, right? Look at my pecs! Anybody have a sewing kit, cause I'm RIPPED!!!11!eleven
  16. Yes sir. Peace y0!