The colors, the colors

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  1. Hey,
    What do you think is the best color combination for the 08 GT500? What is the worst? Please explain why (example -I think red w/ white stripe is a chick color).
  2. White with blue stripes. Cause it was my choice!:D
  3. Alloy with black stripes! Lowered and with the right wheels this combo can't be beat in my opinion. :flag:
  4. alloy with gray stripes cause you don't see it often
  5. that or i like white with grey stripes....

    also saw an alloy with no stripes at all, looked good

    they all need to sit lower in my opinion
  6. Saw a black with alloy stripes.... looked sweet to me!!!! Also like the Vapor with no stripes.
  7. i have never seen an alloy with black stripes..would like to i bet it looks awesome
  8. Alloy W/Silver

    Any color with silver stripes looks good. The white and black are too rough. The stripe shows a lot of texture.

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  9. I am partial to the Black with Red. :D Although in 08 you can only get this in a Vert.