the joys of a classic

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  1. well, the family took her out to pizza hut for some pizza and well, it died at a stoplight. took forever to get her back goin and pulled into pizza hut and looked under the hood. the carb was totally messed up and the floater thing was messed up. well after about a 10 min wait, a freind came over and fiddeled with ti and got her goin. now its better than before. starts right up without pumpin the gas (we'll see in the mornin lol) but the breakdown was worth it since its better.
  2. Sounds like its time for a good tune up. I would have the carb gone over for sure.
  3. yea a mechanic that we know is gonna probably rebuld it for us. he said that we might have to change te fuel filters and stuff cause the gas that was in the carbw as dirty.
  4. Yah I dunno much about your new car. But I know whenever I get a used vechile its always a good idea to get new filters and transmission and engine serviced top to bottom. Kind of a peice of mind thing.
  5. Yes, I learned this lesson the hard way... I just recently replaced the fuel filters on my honda accord... (winter driver/good mpg/college student) dont bag on me... anyway, the one that is right outside the tank was full of crap and I couldnt even blow air through it, so I'm sure that changing it will improve performance, gain mpg, and maybe even a little horsepower... if there is any at all :rlaugh: so from now on, when i purchase a car, that is one of the first things that I will do to it! :nice:
  6. yup floats on carbs cause lots of trouble, my carb needs rebuilding, if you stop too hard the floats mess up and it idles like crap, it once died on me at a light to =/ still, when the carb is feeling frisky, the tires glow like a glow bug.