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Jul 1, 2020
Your moms house.
Hey guys I have a 98 mustang GT that I’ve had for about a year I did do some driving with the time I’ve had her and out quite a lot of miles, now is the time to build. I wanna go procharger on a 2v with a rebuilt engine. I’m in absolutely no rush for this project and would like all inputs if possible to help me figure out my best option. I plan on redoing the whole car so suspension,chassis,etc. etc. so if there’s any help or recommendations out there I appreciate it BTW I’m in California. And smog check is irrelevant to me
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Jan 14, 2019
Aptos, CA
A friend of mine put a KB on his 2v and it works fine. However, it's still a 2v. He had tons of issues with the install and by the time he was done, he could've put a Coyote in it. My plan is to put a Coyote Gen2 in mine within the next year, and, keep it smog legal in CA with pump gas. That's a huge increase for about the same amount of $$. But, to each their own and I hope it works out for you. If you don't plan on a street legal car, then the skies the limit.

As for suspension and chassis, I installed Maximum Motorsports stuff. I like it all and it wasn't bad to install. While you're at it, get better brakes too, you will need to stop that HP. :)
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