The sickest Lima you've ever heard

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  1. Hey guys, long time no see...thought i'd stop in and post a video of a local guy's Pinto he's building. I posted pics of this a long time's an old 2.5 block stroked to a 2.7 with if i remember right something like a 70mm's ridiculous, i can't even tell you half the specs but they're talking 800hp estimates.

    YouTube - 2.7T Pinto idle

    I've never in my life heard a 4 cylinder sound as nasty as that...if i didn't know better i'd think that was a V8.

    Here's a couple pics off his progress started out as an '80 Pinto with 25k original miles.

    Here's a quote from his thread:


    I'm not sure if you have to be a member or not to view the progress thread but here's a link with all the might be worth registering just to see it if you like this sort of build. The coolest part is that most of the car is owner fabricated.

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