Thermostat Gauge Problem

Discussion in 'SN95 V6 Mustang Tech' started by Cjduarte, Oct 24, 2012.

  1. my thermostat needle decided to turn all the way past hot and bottom out on the right side of the gauge one day while i was driving it ....... what could cause it do that? soon as i turn the car on it goes all the way its not as if it was over heating...any advice or suggestions would be appreciated ...thank you 1997 V6 mustang
  2. Check the ECT sensor. Check for a short or open connection. The wire colors are R/W and Y/R.

    note, the 98 and older Mustangs have two temperature sensors. One for the PCM the other for the dash gauge.
  3. i have two sensors i believe..... one is the green one on the right side and then there is a grey one on the left side i replaced the green one because it had exposed wires that had been touching but not the solution...but the green one is not the ect i should change the ect (grey connector) and thanks for ur reply ..
  4. FWIIW, I have no idea what color the sensor/connector is. I gave the wire colors going to the sensor. So you are going to have to figure out which is which by the wire colors.

    It seems odd to me that you noticed exposed wire AND you are having problems with a sensor but you don't think the two are related. Go back and look at the previous post. A SHORT was mentioned as one of the possible causes.

    If you are positive that there isn't a short at the sensor connector, then more trouble shooting will be required. It would be a huge help to have a full set of wiring diagrams. If interested in getting a set for yourself I maybe able to help. PM if interested.
  5. so im interested in getting a set of wiring diagrams for a v 6 1997