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  1. Thinking about getting into learning about tuning myself, I think it would be a fun challenge, and I was thinking about picking up a TwEECer RT. I was wondering if it would be worth it on a car with my mods and unknown future mods for the car. Or would I be better off keeping the money? I think it would be fun, but at the same time would like to see some gains once I got the hang of it. Thanks.
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    If you are wanting to learn how the EEC-IV works then the TwEECer may be the right choice.
    If you just want to get in the car and have it be perfect, then take it to a shop for a tune.

    It sounds like you are one of the first group.

    I doubt you will see much gain if any from a Tweecer if your mods in your sig are current. Where you will see improvement is when you have made some changes to the airflow and fuel systems.

    There is a thread in the 5.0 Tuning forum with a similar topic.

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  3. I think it would be a good challenge to learn how it works. I plan on a H/C/I or a blower whenever I get some more money put back, so that way I'll be able to have money for my college classes but still be able to play with the car. Still working as much as possible when I'm not in class though. I think it would be a good learning experience, but if a dyno session with someone experienced would be better money spent, I may head that route. Right now I'm just looking at options and maybe something else to learn.
  4. imho, id get a tweecer if you can afford it. when you get a tune with your blower or h/c/i and than you change something youre going back to the tuner. someone on here said something about being married to your tuner because he gets all your money to tune your car. if i could afford one, i would get one. but i think im going with a carb so it would be a waste of money for me. good luck with your decision
  5. make SURE you get the RT if you get one

    the base model can not datalog.
    datalogs are gold when it comes to tuning, and comparing one tune to another.
  6. They are great if you plan to change things, add things over time, etc... but while doing your budget, also plan on a wideband o2 sensor. (about 400 for a good kit)
    You dont need it right away, but long term (with the blower) a WB would be golden for getting a spot on tune.

    And as above GET THE RT!

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  7. I believe I'll pick one up then. I've got an intake sitting at the house, just needs some threads cleaned up and a little ear piece welded back up, along with some headers. I could probably practice and learn how not to blow s*it up easier with a stock motor than one with a blower or h/c/i anyway. Thanks. Anyone have any good guides to get started? I d/led one so far. Thanks again.
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    There are some tips for the tweecer in the sticky at the top of this section. This is stuff that is not covered in the Manual, but can get very frustrating.

    I am working on a starters guide, but it is still in progress. It is on my site if you want to check it out.
    If things don't make sense let me know. Actually it probably won't make sense til you grab onto the vocab that is needed.

    The tweecer manual gives some good step by step instruction for the first things you will need to do.

    I wil try to put together a list of recommended reading in the next few days. Some of the things that helped me out. It would be good to have this on my site anyway.

    Feel free to pm if you get stuck somewhere.

  9. I dont anything about this tuner but I have 24# injectors, Explorer Intake, 65mmTB, 75mm Maf cal for the 24s, cold air intake, and a set of y303 heads that I should be installing within the next month and a half. Would this tuner benifit me? I also plan on installing an ecam, 1.7 rockers, and some headers.
  10. oh yeah i forgot about the 190 fuel pump and fuel pressure regulator