Thinking about selling 93 cobra... How much??

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by Cobra1894, Dec 22, 2003.

  1. How much do you think I could get for it??? 130K on it. New black paint, It is in great running order and interior is is great shape. with the listed mods, how much is it worth?
  2. oops...1993 Cobra # 1894, BBK Headers, Bassani X-Cat, Mac Cold Air, Steeda Tri-Ax, Eibach sport springs, Tokico 5 way adj shocks all 4 corners, KYB quad shocks, Kenny Brown Subframe connectors, HPM strut tower brace, King Cobra Clutch and Steeda Adj clutch cable.
  3. Id say About 8000.....The 2 M's kill the value of that car....Mods and Miles, at least around here. i see people selling them for like 15- 18000 but all stock and all orginal and like 15000 on the odometer...and then some people selling them for liek 8-10 with mods and higher mileage.
  4. Just the stardard bolt-ons with upgraded suspension would hurt the value...hmmm. I know the miles are high but why would these mods hurt the value. I would hope to increase it???
  5. You just have to find the right person to buy it... you could get over $10 000 for sure if the car is in excellent condition (and the paint is GOOD quality).
  6. no b/c it is a rare car and u change the originality of it....just as if u had a 1920 w/e...and teh stock itnerior was mint and original VS mint aand restored...the original is worth more $$$
  7. also, when people see mods, they think the car was driven hard. and with those miles, a lot will think it wont last much longer.
    Like me, some people look for a stocker so they could do the mods themselves (it's more fun that way).
  8. Cobra

    Cobras seem to get twice as much as other fox bodies. I've never seen a nice one go for less than 9k. Your miles are little high but I still don't think you will have too much trouble getting at least 9-10K.
  9. Why sell it when you can trade it to me for my vert?? :p
  10. Over here Ive seen cobras like that go for 10,500
  11. Need to keep that cobra man!!! I want a 93 cobra so bad :( ... there was one down the street from my house for 15 it was black like yours also.