Thinking about selling my Logan motorsports intake!!

Discussion in 'Engine and Power Adder Parts' started by Blackone51, Jun 22, 2010.

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  1. !!!!Just going to keep the intake to many lowballing offers!!!!!!

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  2. Very interested in this intake. Can you post a picture of your engine bay with the Logan Intake. I also have the D-1SC and I thought I would have to get a side mount but yours looks to be a front mount.
  3. Hey I never installed it on my car, but no you don't need the side mount version. All you have to do is re-clock the blower toward the passenger side and reverse the flow of the inter-cooler. You will have to have some piping fabricated but shouldn't be to bad. Here is a pic of the set-up from their website. O and re-clocking is simple just loosen couple bolts and move the blower to desired location and re-tighten.

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  4. I see you bought it used for an OK price and I know you want to recoupe your cash. What's your price?
  5. $1,100 + shipping takes the intake.
  6. Ok, I need this gone so I'll take $1000 O.B.O. + shipping!! Heck of deal for this awesome intake.
  7. 4th of july bump
  8. I guess final offering of $900 shipped! Otherwise just going to keep it until I'm ready to install as soon as I get the built bottom end. Deal of century LOL.
  9. I'll throw in some BBK 96-98 fuel rails to sweeten the deal :) they are barely used!!
  10. I'll also include a aeromotive brand new fuel pressure regulator. So now it's $900 shipped plus fuel rails, and regulator. Best deal on planet, email me at [email protected] with your paypal info.
  11. and this includes all the lines and fittings to hook it up right?
  12. No but you can make your own coolant crossover very simply or I can make one for you if it's really a problem.
  13. Just waiting to get up with the engine builder to see if he would like to have me pick this up or if he has something in mind/hand all ready. Hopefully can get up with him tomorrow to find out.
  14. Hows it going? Get with your builder yet? Shoot me a PM. Thanks
  15. Any word yet?
  16. Someone needs this!!
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