This thing is Huge for Mother ford!!!

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  1. Isn't everybody sick of listenen to each other waitin for ford to say somethin?? No update on the ford web page, You would think that ford would make a big stink when they are accepting orders. I think that the reason that ONLY some dealers are takin orders is because they are not acctually placing the orders with detroit. They are just assuring the sale and waiting for word from the plant.I maybe wrong but it sure looks that way.I hear that the plant workers are still ironing out training and ford wont start production untill they get all the bugs out of the assembly line and assure the cars are put together correctly. New plant + new car + lots and lots of anticipation = ford making sure every thing ticks in harmony before power up on the assembly line.
    One thing is for sure !! When they know they are ready, ford is gonna make a big deal about it.Although the mustang needs no advertising . It would be nice for Ford to place TV ads and brag like crazy about the new muzzy.remember brand new!! no fox body. THIS is HUGE.
    Does any one remember when ford had such a huge and exciting launch on any one of their vehicles?????? maybe time to start investing in Ford stock!!!
  2. Yes, everyone is probably sick of hearing about it. But that's part of the excitement. The company I work for is making 6 parts for the new mustang. We started sampling last August. We have been in partial production since the first of the year. We have had some major meetings in the last couple of weeks and Ford is doing some design changes on the parts. Very subtle, but changes nonetheless. I'm sure they are going through this with some suppliers. Typically any changes are met with high scrutiny and take time for approval. I'm sure these will be no different. So yes, once the bugs are worked out they will be ready for production on their target date of 8-29-04. :rolleyes:
  3. The Ford order bank for the 2005 Mustang opened as of Monday May 24. Dealers can place orders with Ford for the 05 Stang.

    I was told by a Ford engineering manager that they expect to start making pilot run cars in 3 weeks. These will be the first cars using full production parts. If the pilot runs go well, they will be on or ahead of schedule for Job1 launch on Sept 7, 2004.

    The 2005 Mustang WILL be a big deal for Ford, but if 05 Mustang sales are 180,000 / year they will represents ONLY about 5% of Ford's total North American vehicle sales so it would not be wise to invest in Ford stock based solely on the 2005 Mustang.
  4. The time to invest in ford stock would have been about 8 months ago, just before they started reporting profits again.
  5. Yeah, I would agree. The Mustang is traditionally a small portion of Ford's sales (others being commuter/commercial trucks and all those tasty Taurus rental/company cars, not to mention police vehicles).

    Either way, I can't remember the last time there was such an anticipated vehicle launch. :flag: