Thoughts on CDC Shaker Hood....

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  1. As I posted here a couple weeks ago, I was fortunate enough to take advantage of a killer deal on a CDC Shaker hood kit. My friend hooked me up with a guy that was selling this kit because he had bought a Cobra R hood for his 02. I paid $40 for the hood, and three piece shaker scoop. The hood was red, but it was professionally installed so the plastic piece was already on and the hole was cut. I paid the body shop $100 to paint it, and shelled out $220 to CDC for the new hardware, mounting brackets, and inlet tubing.

    The Results....This thing is ALOT more than just something for looks. I made the mistake of cutting off the flap on the end of the tubing that runs from the scoop to the air box. This sucks so much air that it sets off the SES light(because of the piece that I cut off). Of course at idle, it is the looks that get ya, but when at speeds of 35 mph and above, this scoop really works well. The best thing about it, the mounts worked with my aftermarket plenum. I did have to put the stock air intake assembly back on, up to the paper filter(because I don't have the K&N drop in yet). There is something about getting into the car now, and realizing that there is a functional scoop on it. I will post pics at the end of the week after my Roush stage 3 front fascia gets put on.

    If this is a mod that you have, or are thinking about getting....I have nothing but praise for it. It is alittle costly, but the outcome completely dismisses the talk about it being only an appearance mod.
  2. i love the look of the shaker hoods. You found an awesome buy getting it that cheap, wish i could.
  3. I loved mine, swapping it out though because I didn't feel like hassling with modding it. BTW it will work good with a accufab plenum, just have to bend one of the brackets slightly. And don't over torque the thread cutting nuts.