Throttle Bodies

Discussion in 'SN95 V6 Mustang Tech' started by Mark G, Feb 24, 2013.

  1. Alright I know it won't get me much power but I would like to do a throttle body swap to something bigger. Any suggestions to what I should use?
  2. It's a 1997 5 speed v6. It already has a cold air, I had the heads planed when I did head gaskets so it has higher compression, I have upgraded plug wires, and some other stuff done.. I was just curious if I could get my throttle response up just a little
  3. Prob not a noticeable difference at all. I'd look elsewhere for a mod to do

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  4. Agreed. You're not gonna see much if anything with a throttle body swap. Honestly.....most bolt on mods are going to leave you disapointed with a 3.8L.

    If you can swing it.....I remember a back in the day the T-Bird/Cougar guys used to do the late-90's early 2000's 4.2L truck engine swap to their cars. You could probably pick one up used at a wrecker for the cost of a few choice bolt ons.

    I know it's a little extreme, but it's the only way you're going to see any "real" performance gain and still retain your V6 status at a reasonable price. A good way to pick up a good 50hp/35lbs ft/tq.
  5. well im not looking for a huge gain i just want a little better response in throttle control.. this stang is my daily, i have another for high power lol
  6. and truthfully its cheaper to put a 4.6
  7. Changing the TB won't necessarily change throttle response.
  8. i recall like 68mm and bigger plenum was someones mod
  9. Perhaps....but that doesn't mean it was a fruitful mod. ;)
  10. oops, i forgot besides larger TB an plenum, they also changed injectors ( don't remember what size)and it seems fuel pump. i'm not saying i did but i do recall a post. i just plan on my new >to me -04 ..6< one going with true dual,s tuner, and intake.. I'm fabbing up a dual ram air taken off a camaro for a start