throttle cable 96-98 cobra = bullitt ?

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by spederman, Jan 31, 2009.

  1. Just got a Bullitt intake. The only part missing from the kit to swap it onto my car is the bullitt throttle cable. I go to buy it from ford, its discontinued. WTF?

    Not sure what to do now. Anybody know if the 96-98 cobra throttle cable the same? The intake location of the TB/cable bracket seems like it might be in about the same position on both cars.
  2. Both calbes are discontinued. The 96-98 Cobra cable is as well. I bid uptp 75 dollars on a 96-98 on Ebay and got outbid. I just wanted a spare. lol
  3. wow way to go ford and the 10 year rule.
  4. 1R3Z-9A758-BA double checked and yes it is obsolete. i will check tomorrow with an obsolete parts source.
  5. Go on ebay and look for MPS Mustang Salvage, they always have cobra/bullitt cables going for cheap.
  6. Not any more. Looks like their in for making a LOT of cash for a part. They have them on ebay and are selling them for $100. screw that. I'll find another source.

    Does anybody know for sure though if the 96-98 cobra cable would actually fit the bulllitt if i have better luck finding one?
  7. Sweet. That would be very helpful. IF you can find somebody that has the bullitt cable, let me know. :nice:
  8. Yap,sucks for those of us that have done the Bullitt intake swap!!:bs:
  9. none of the vintage parts houses show any, and i didnt show a dealer with one. looks like you have to find an aftermarket one or a used one.
  10. Bump for helping a Mustang friend.

    He recently came into a Bullitt intake setup very cheap, only thing missing is the throttle and cruise control cables.

    What is the solution for this, had no luck finding one used and the dealerships have run out of them ages ago. I assume lokar or someone similar makes a aftermarket cable anyone have any suggestions they have used?

  11. I ended up finding one on a different mustang forum from a member. I also looked and called just about everybody in the country and they just dont make them anymore. I called lokar and they said they can make one, they just need the specs on the cable.

    there was a thread a few weeks ago on 'corral' that somebody was looking for one and another member replied they had one for sale. Might want to search there and look for that thread incase he still has it for sale. And good luck with the cruise cable, i never found one, but then i never used it anyways, so disconnected the cruise control.