thump went turning on radio

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  1. Not real sure what all is done to my car Just picked her up. It does have an Eclipse cd3200 H.U.. When I turn on the radio the speakers thump. There are no subs or aftermarket amps.
  2. so is there a problem? ur lucky u have any bass.
  3. I guess not a prob just an anoyance. Everytime I turn on the radio I get a loud thunp from the amps turning on. Not sure if I went to a differnt harness if I could eliminate the thump
  4. Lol, he's not talking about thump in the sense of bass. He's talking about a sudden "surge" of sound that comes on when an amplifier turns on after the head unit.

    As for the original issue, are you 100% certain there isn't an aftermarket amplifier somewhere in there? It would be very unusual for just a deck to cause that issue at turn on.

    With an aftermarket amp, I believe a solution is to put a resistor in line with the speakers to prevent this from happening. Maybe possible with a factory system as well.
  5. I haven't found any yet. may try to get a new head unit. The guy at the custom shop that just did my windows said that the one i have is pretty old.
  6. Update: I was removing the radio trim panel to paint it and ended up removing half my dash lol. So anyways here is what I found. The harness they used to adapt to the factory wiring only has one large plu and a smaller plug connected to a grey wire and small black terminal. Now where I am confused is there are three of the grey wires with black terminals and only one is connected. I am guessing these leads go to the factory amps. Is something wrong or is this normal?
  7. you probably need to limit the voltage on the amp turn on wire if you have factory amps.