Ticking Noise

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  1. First off thanks to all that replied to my first post. I recently put my kooks long tube headers on with catted x pipe and bama tune. Now after the install I hear this ticking noise coming from the motor and under the car. I only hear it under the driver side and when the hood is open. Noise only starts after the motor is warm. Had it at the exhaust shop no leaks. Had ford look it over and change the oil said it checked out fine. I never heard the noise before the headers. Id like to get it figured out before I install the ford racing manifold. Any ideas?
  2. i vote for a leak
  3. I have the same problem with my Kooks and catted x. I've looked into it pretty extensively and no, it's not a leak, it's just the way the x-pipe sounds. Apparently it's pretty common.
  4. Let me know how that manifold works out. I've been eyeballing it.
  5. Thats what I thought it was an exhaust leak but the guy at the shop said nope didnt hear a leak. I've looked it up on google, forums, youtube about everywhere I can think of. Some people say its normal others say it could be something else. I just wanna make sure its all good before adding more parts. She runs strong and she screams with the headers. Ive only drove it 3 times sense the headers because of the crap iowa weather and wanna make sure its not anything serious.
  6. I've been smashing on mine for eight months and over 5000 miles with no issues.
  7. Me too. Could be just a very small leak from one of the header primaries that's very hard to detect.
    You might wanna check if the header nuts need to be retorqued.
  8. Alright will do thanks for the help.
  9. For small leaks have a buddy take some rags and cover the tailpipes while you listen. Only cover for a few seconds at a time though. When covered the leaks will get louder