Time To Change The Exhaust

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What mufflers

  1. Flowmaster Original 40-series

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  2. Magnaflow Magnapacks

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  3. Borla Stingers

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  1. Im pretty tired of the MAC Flowpath mufflers and am ready for a change. I'd like to see what SN thinks......

    Current setup:
    MAC longtubes
    MAC O/R prochamber

  2. I would suggest regular magnaflows. Not magnapacks or any type of straight through muffler. I put magnapacks on my car with bbk lt's and a bbk o/r h-pipe. It sounded like a busted ass 1978 rusted out dump truck between 1800 and 2400 rpm. I mean it sounded REALLY bad. I ended up swapping out the mid-pipe for a bbk catted x and now it sounds good, its loud when im on it, and it has a nice rumble at idle. The overall sound is a little different. I wish i would have left the o/r h-pipe on and bought regular magnaflows instead. That probably would have sounded AWESOME.

    With that said, if you are hung up on your 3 choices, I would have to say Flowmasters. Personally, I like the sound of Flows. I got rid of mine because it seems that every 4.6 in the world runs those mufflers. I wanted mine to sound different.
  3. +1 on the regular Magnaflows... guy in my car club has an 04 Cobra with an o/r h-pipe and Magnaflows and I absolutely love the way it sounds... it has a very aggressive tone with a lot of bass to it. Sounds loud yet exotic and refined.
  4. This is what the car sounds like with the lt's, catted x, and magnapacks

  5. Borla stingers hands down if you have the money for them..

    That popping in the vid is why i cant stand an x pipe, other than that it sounds great
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  6. If you can afford borla then hell yeah otherwise go with magnaflow.
  7. Borla or GTFO and go home! :cool:
  8. Listened to a few Stinger clips on youtube and they sound pretty good.
  9. Bassani FTW.

    Its like a mix between Magnaflow and Flowmaster. Lost of Bass, But SCREAMS at WOT.

    I would either get Bassani or MagnaPacks. Borla is WAY WAY WAY too loud.
  10. I had Borla on my Fox 5.0 with an offroad H. It sounded so exotic! It Didn't sound like any other Mustang I ever heard in person. Borla FTW!
  11. Go Flowmaster or Bassani. Borla is WAY too loud and sounds like pure :poo: when you get on it. It sounds just like glass packs to me.
  12. Damn this is a tough one.....

    Which one would have the least drone? Thats the problem with my flowpaths, Im fed up with the constant drone between 1500-2200
  13. least drone=Magnaflow :nice:
  14. No drone at all with Bassani.
  15. Bassani sounds damn good too :nice: even more expensive than borla though

    Magnaflows have no drone cause those heavy ass mufflers are packed full of sound deadening crap which makes them quite...i must be on a different planet then everyone else csuse ive never heard a loud magnafow :shug: they all have a stock tone upon start up with that like glug glug glug tone going on..

    The only time they dont sound stock to me is going throught the gears....then they go quiet again... i know im gonna get murdered for saying all that but i hate everything about magnaflow...

    Handz is right about bassani though...you get the bass of a flowmaster whith the tone of a borla...win win right there!
  16. Aren't Bassani mufflers chambered? I thought all chambered mufflers drone :shrug:
  17. Maybe this will change your mind about Magnaflow?

    Magnaflow catted x (gutted cats), Magnaflow IRS catback. I love the way it sounds, I'm just tired of it. Not sure what I want yet, but it has to have cats. I hate the smell and don't want it insanely loud. Right now, this setup is too loud for a DD.
  18. Because im supposed to be able to hear anything over that supercharger? Lol

    It doesnt sound terrible and you car is one of the better sounding magnaflow cars but meh...just not my style i guess

    Bt that car and its stance :drool:
  19. They're considered straight through mufflers, but they're actually like part chambered/part straight through.


  20. Never liked anything magnaflow either. Maybe I am just old and I have killed my ears......drone doesn't bother me in the least.

    My taste in exhaust changes every so often. For years I had o/r x and SLP LM1s. Now the car has LTs, o/r h, and mac dumps. Before that I had 2 chambers with an o/r x. Now I am going to LTs o/r h and 2 chambers. I really want to try a pro chamber one day. If I can find one cheap I will pick it up for a change of pace.