Timing belt installation question

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  1. Hey guys, new to the forum and would greatly appreciate some help! I just picked up a 91 lx 2.3 and already have a problem. On it's maiden voyage after picking it up the timing belt snapped. I got the cover off and everything else that need to be off..I picked up a manual for it but I still need help. I don't know how to get the new belt to the timing gear on the crank pulley. There's not enough clearance around the base of the pulley to get the new one on and I'm stumped. I would greatly appreciate some imput, I would rather ask first than tear something up doing it the wrong way. Thanks!

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  2. You need to remove that... Isn't there a big bolt in the center of it? You might need an impact gun to loosen that, or at least a big belt strap to hold it in place. Impact would be better though...
  3. d'oh....

    gotta love the belt snapping. Nice thing is it's a non-interference motor!

    What 91 said. big bolt in the middle of the balancer - get the bolt off. Impact is your best friend, but if you don't have access to air, you can thread in 2 semi long bolts into the pulley bolt holes, and use a long screwdriver or pry bar as a holder and get a nice big socket on the nut to break it free. I have been known to use a floor jack handle to sleeve over a socket driver to make a mega extension to break things free. It works!

    You will then need to install a harmonic balancer puller to get it to slide off the crank. once you get it to slide, you'll be in good shape.