Torque specs for weiand stealth intake

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  1. Does anybody have their instruction manual for their weiand stealth intake? Mine got lost. :nonono:

    If I remember right it's something like 15- 25- 50 ?
  2. I did 20 for my stealth, make sure your doing it in a pattern which should be in any ford manual, also make sure you go over the patter 2-3 times, they will get loose on you.


    Ps i just read your original post, and 50 is way to much.
  3. 14lb on four corner end bolts, 23-25 on the rest.
  4. Torque all bolts to 20 ft/lbs no more or you'll break something. Start on the middle bolts and work your way out, alternating from one side to another. you don't have to follow the exact pattern that Ford specified. Do them all then repeat the sequence 3-4 times at the same 20 ft/lbs
  5. Ahh, I never retorqued after initial run in. That could be why my vacuum sucks. (no pun intended) :D

    I remember the instructions saying to follow the factory intake tightening sequence, and also not to tighten the outside 4 bolts over 15/20 ft lbs, or you could crack the intake.

    So go over it 3 times and torque em all to 20? thanks guys. :nice:
  6. I just recently purchased a used Weiand Stealth so it came with no manual. I called their tech suppot number and was told (actually faxed) to torque all bolts to 30 lbs in a spiral pattern. I haven't installed it yet but plan to soon. Is 30 lbs too much?
  7. If you guys want I'll scan my instructions when I get home and post them
  8. Please do, sounds like there is some confusion. Thanks.
  9. Thirty ft/lbs is WAY too much for 5/16 bolts. You'll either break, strip or crack something at that spec. 30ft/lbs is OK for 3/8 bolts but not 5/16
  10. Well hoefully gp001 will post what the manual says. I agree that 30 lbs sounds like way too much, wonder why their tech support told me that......?
  11. :shrug: He's probably a Chevy guy :lol: :lol:
  12. Like I posted before, just start on the middle bolts and work your way out to the ends in a criss-cross fashion, thats basically what the factory sequence is. I've done 20-30 intakes from small to big blocks over the last 30 years and never broken one, or had a vacuum leak.
  13. Here ya go guys

    Page 1

    Page 2

    Page 2, step 4 has the info you are all dying for
  14. Damn I screwed up saturday and used the cork end seals and torqued all bolts to 20 ft/lbs. :bang: Although there's no leaks and nothing's cracked or broken, :shrug: I guess I'll have to go back an take my intake off again and do it right :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: Felpro's cork gaskets now have an adhesive on them, once you press them in place , they ain't goin no where. I usually use the rubber ones but didn't have any, so I used the cork. :banana:
  15. Thanks gp, that explains it so much better than their tech support did. Also, thanks D. Hearne and others for your input. :nice:
  16. You're welcome !
  17. Not a problem, ask anytime :D