Totalled My Car...

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  1. Was in an accident this afternoon, and killed the front end. So sad...
  2. Sorry to see that man. It probably isn't worth fixing, unfortunately. You might be able to part it out and get something out of it, though.
  3. Yeah, I'm gonna pull my wheels and tires, stereo, sub box and amp, and possibly the quarter windows. Doors need some work, after the fenders got pushed back into them, so I'm gonna take what I can probably on monday. I wrecked my ankle pretty bad, so I hope that I'll be able to go to the lot and pull what I can.:(
  4. I'm by far not a body guy, but looks like a front clip and you'd be good. Unless the other side is real bad. Looks to high to have frame damage.
  5. Full front clip, strut towers bent backwards, broken windshield, radiator, radiator support, condencer, front subframe twisted, all lights, bumper and bumper cover, drivers door (fender pushed back into it), possible a-pillar(windshield got cracked), k-member, and trans crossmember (all got pushed back and down about 3-4 inches). I think the trans crossmember got bent or the trans mount sheared, cuz my shifter handle was all of a sudden about 3 inches lower than it should be. I've been crying all day, I bought this car 5-6 years ago, and brought it back from a basket case. Previous owner sold it to me for $500 b/c the scrap yard was only gonna give her $300.
  6. P.S. the driver's side is alot worse. Wasn't taking my chances stepping into traffic to take a picture after the luck I already had today...:(
  7. Yeah, that sounds pretty well.gone. Sorry for your luck.
  8. Thanks for your support. Im gonna go to the yard and try to strip everything I can off of it before I "junk" it.
  9. That's a bummer man, I'm sorry to hear this.
  10. It's alright, I wasn't able to get any parts off her, the tow lot wanted to charge me for the tow and storage to even get my pony rims off of her. I just said F it, and signed the title over. I'm lookin at an 87 5.0 lx right now, and hopefully will be able to get it at the end of the week, or early next week.
  11. Hope it works out!
  12. Thanks for your support Tealtiger, but the deal didn't go through.:( Back on the lookout! Well, actually it did work out! The dude that was gonna get it passed on it and the seller gave me another chance! Just picked it up yesterday! (8/11/12)
  13. 87stang.jpg
    Here she is, 1987 LX 5.0, 108k original miles, 100%stock.
  14. Nice!!! Too bad you don't have the Pony wheels from your last car :(
  15. Yeah, I just put a new set of tires on those wheels last fall too. But these 10 holes have pretty much new tires on them so I'm just gonna rock them for a while.