Track Pack Wheels

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  1. Hello All,

    Hoping someone may know of a place to get replacement Track Pack wheels that AREN'T black? I've got a rear wheel on a 2014 GT with some major curb rash on it, but I'm not too interested in spending the money Ford wants for the factory replacements :)

    I've done a bunch of googling and all I've found are wheels that are painted black. Local craigslist has nothing and Ebay has some folks selling entire sets, so no luck there either.

    Any and all info is appreciated!

  2. There are a few singles on eBay now...
  3. Nice, don't know how I missed them. Thanks for the heads up earley. Do you know by chance if the size/spacing/whatever is exactly the same from 2013 to 2014?
  4. Size/ spacing for the brembo/track pack wheels should be the same for each model year run. I bought a whole factory set of a buddy of mine when he switched to RTRs figuring mine would eventually get scuffed as a daily driver. His were a different year and fit perfectly. Best of luck in your search.
  5. Silver painted wheels? Check with your local sport tire shop. They may know of someone that can repair/repaint them. I had 2 bent rims on the right side of my 13 5.0. Did not want to pay $900 each from ford. (in San Antonio Tx)
    These guys hooked me up with a place that straightened and repainted 2 19X9.5 rims for $350+/-