transgo on my 97 4r70w


New Member
Jun 1, 2018
Tucson, AZ
so i put the aode-hd2 kit in my car and was loving it for about a week or two. while driving one night i noticed i no longer had 4th gear. it was like going into neutral from 3rd gear. after some research i figured the od band had come loose from the od servo. after some more research i got ahold of a 4L60e detent roller and dismantled the tranny again and pushed the band back into place, or so i had thought and while i was down there put the upgraded steel 2nd and 3rd accumulator pistons or whatever. anyways put them in and laced it all back up. i did notice it smelled kinda burnt when i was draining it. anyhow filled it with new atf and now not only does od still not work my 1 - 2 shift is weaker than before i did the kit, but it was perfect before i did this job. and when i go from park to D or 1st i can rev the engine before it engages into forward gear. i’m so upset cuz for a hot minute there my car was straight beast mode and it was so amazing cuz i did it all myself and now it doesn’t work and its some kind of feeling cuz i seen it work and now it doesn’t.
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