Trapped in Grand Forks ND

Discussion in 'The Welcome Wagon' started by Fabbed4d88, Apr 19, 2011.

  1. Just thought I'd throw out a quick "hello" to my fellow Stangers. Been an outsider to this site for quite a while and figured I might as well get on board. The Mustang I have actually belongs to my wife (Valentines Day gift) I just do all the wrench work. It is an 89 GT with MAC LT headers, MAC Pro Chamber, Flowmaster cat-back (soon to be trashed) Cobra intake, E-303 cam, Cobra 1:72 rockers, MAC underdrive pullies, and a MAC CAI. I just recently installed a Centerforce Clutch, UPR Blue Thunder shifter and their quadrant, firewall adjuster and yes adjustable cable (it came with the kit and mine was frayed). Suspension is all UPR (rear uppers and lowers, and CC Plates) Prothane (every single bushing) KYB shocks, and Eibach Pro-Kit coils. Sorry, Maybe this wasn"'t such a quick "hello" so I'll just end it here.
  2. Sweet! All you need now is a 4 inch lift and some 35 series A/T tires to go with that 6 month winter! :nice:
  3. True. We actually got another 6" on the 15th and there is a possibility for more tomorrow.