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    Hello all. I am trying to find a) the actual name of this part and b) somewhere to buy it.

    It seems to act as a spacer and filter for the stock 2004 GT air filter box. When I bought and bolted on all the items I have, I took all the factory items and placed them in boxes that haven't been opened since 2005 timeframe. I took my cold air kit off and went to put this part back to factory (don't ask) and can't find this piece.
  2. Seems as if that functions as a gasket as well. Im not seeing that been sold as a individual part. Made a part of an assembly.
  3. It's not a filter. That screen actually is designed to act as an airfoil. It's purpose is to normalize and straighten incoming airflow. Turbulence can play havoc with the element in the MAF meters.

    Try running it without. Some people remove them under the false impression that they're a restriction and doing so nets them additional horsepower. Unless you're making big power levels, you'll not gain a thing. If you find that the idle becomes erratic, or surges, you may need to re-clock (rotate) your MAF meter to compensate.

    You should still be able to pick this part up at your local stealership, although I couldn't tell you what the part number is. They should
  4. My stock intake wouldnt button up without that screen. Maybe it was me.
  5. Dunno. After a quick google search, it seems like a lot of people are taking them out?
  6. It may be a piece that is only sold with the air filter box or mass air flow sensor. Dealership should be able to tell you.
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  8. 9E931

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    Mass Air Flow Sensor O-Ring or Gasket
    4.6 Single Over Head Cam EFI GT

    $44.00 at stealership
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  9. I knew somebody would come through on this. Can't believe it was tinfoil cat head though!?!
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