Tucson Show road trip.

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  1. A Interesting Trip,
    Didn't get 25 miles from home and got rain and traffic makes us late. :notnice:

    Have to run at High rate of Fuel consumtion to catch convoy. :D
    :cool: Having a group of stangs running along, a good spread of years and bodys with and without mods.

    :rlaugh: Silly Highway People, Place a large Diamond sign showing a snakey curves ahead and below that that nice one that says Reduce Speed Ahead.

    :shrug: The Whole Group sped up. :crazy:
    Az was nice enough to apply sand and small stone along about a 5 miles of I-8, Then this :fuss: Big Rig blows by the group at 85 mph,
    thanks for the Chips Buddy. :notnice:

    :rolleyes: Park at the show and 20 mins after wiping the road dust and bugs off, The sprinklers go on and start getting the car wet. :bang: :bang: :bang:

    Just as the judging starts, A quick cover of them and rewipe and :bs:
    Have to wait for them to come back.

    :doh: Find out that Have entered class to be Judged by MCA Pres. :bang:

    :( Picked Her apart.

    Party afterwards was :cheers:

    Did manage to get this pic of The First place Coupe tho, :flag:

    Wonder who it belongs to? :D

  2. and despite all the aggrivation you had a blast didnt you:D:D:D
  3. :nice: The weather was great, got to meet some of the people that I
    have been posting to and see their cars. :flag:
    was nice to chat with people that know their cars.

    Could have done without the Bumping Bass from the party next door. :rlaugh:

    May even do it next year. :banana:

    just waiting for my list from the judges so i can see what needs to be looked at. :)

    Road Trip, :hail2:

  4. damn...I wish I could meet some stang enthousiast from az. Only one in the town I now call home.....prescott!!! bunch ugly imports with coffee cans attatched to their asses....help me out here!!!
  5. :rolleyes: Only if you can crop out the long haired bearded one in the black hat. :D

    Now you've gone and blown my cover, :eek:
    everyone will know I'm one of the Old Farts now. :rlaugh: :rlaugh:

  6. I thought there would be more cars at the show. Personally, this one was my favorite at the show:



  7. Good to see everyone had a good time, despite rain, sand, rocks, eighteen wheelers, bugs & sprinklers. And while I wouldn't make a promise for good weather, since the week before it was hitting close to the mid 90's, that was decent too.

    Take care!