Tuners Better Than Bama?

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  1. Hey guys! I've noticed that on American Muscle that their CAI packages come with the BAMA Tuner. So before spending the money and getting my CAI with a Tuner, I was wondering if anyone has a different Tuner or CAI setup and what kind of gains did you get?
  2. As far as tuners are concerned, SCT is pretty much a given. They did, however just release a new one; X4 rather than X3. It has better data logging capabilities, but it won't affect the tune at all.
    Most major email tune providers -- Brenspeed, Bama, BBR, etc. -- are going to be pretty comparable. Dyno tuning is where you really make your money. I'd pick whoever you have a good relationship with, if you've had past business dealings, and who provides the best support for trouble shooting and future tunes. I have Brenspeed and am quite happy, but you shouldn't have a problem with Bama.
    As far as gains, they're vastly different based on the modifications done to the engine. It just depends on how much your factory intake is limiting breathability. A good intake and tuner on a stock engine should net you a solid 10-15 rwhp. Possibly more, but not guaranteed. Generally speaking, "race" versions of intakes with give you better gains because the mass air flow housing has a larger diameter. I use the C&L Racer intake, which I like because it's simple, affordable, and has a 95 mm MAF housing. The JLT Gen 3 CAI is also excellent and uses an even larger 110 mm housing. One last thing; aluminum intakes might look cool but they resist heat soak much less than composite or plastic intakes. The cooler your air intake is, the better power you'll make.
  3. Curtis, the Bama is just an SCT tuner with their name on it. I would recommend getting in touch with this guy, Mike Rousch at

    Mid Atlantic Performance
    1730 Arlington Road, Richmond VA 23230 (MAP)
    Phone: 1-804-332-6685 - Email:[email protected]

    Mike can get you whichever intake you want as well as an SCT tuner, either the X3 or the new X4, along with the best tune you can find. Mike is one of the best tuners on the east coast and I highly recommend him for your tune. He is the only tuner I would let touch my car. His tunes are great and I would recommend the X4, over the X3, as it has many more capability's.