Tweecer with Vista x64

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  1. HELP! I just bought a new laptop to tune my car with. My old one's battery lasted 30 secs. I cannot get calcon or caledit to even start. I get a missing ftd2xx.dll was not found! but its there in the driver's folder! help please i need to upload a new tune to shut off my egr....i have CEL

    Even though i got the software to run in vista 64, I still cannot find drivers for the actual tweecer usb connection.

    I tried some from ftdi, and vista wont show them when I am browsing to install new hardware! help?
  3. sorry i can't help, but i have a tweecer and my old laptop died, so i had to get a new laptop. naturally, it has vista 64 on it :bang:, so now i'm interested in this topic too, now that you mention it.

    i hope you find the solution soon
  4. if you still have the old laptop, another possible option might be to get one of those power inverter thingies from a place like radio shack that turns the 12v DC power into a 120v ac plug. then you could plug in the old laptop into the car

    but those power invertors are not cheap, at least not the ones at radio shack. then again, nothing at radio shack is cheap :mad:
  5. Thanks! I do still have the old laptop, however I actually bought this one to use!!! Im just pissed i cant....and vista 64 has been out FOR A LONG TIME......damn
  6. any update on this? i just ordered 30# injectors, so i will need to update my tune soon
  7. did you get yours working?

    i installed the software on my vista 64 home premium laptop (according to the instructions from the tweecer site) the other day and everything worked. no drama at all.

    i had forgotten how to set it up for datalogging though, but i figured that out soon enough.