Used S197 buying guide? 06-09 'vert.


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Jun 20, 2011
Leesburg VA
Is there a stangnet buying guide for the S197 - or a thread? I have not
found one just yet.

I'm looking for an 06 or 07 GT in the $20,000 US
price range. Being new to the car I'm not sure when I peer at
one what to look for?

Basic wants are easy to spot:
- manual trans
- convertible
- blue or black (I can probably spot this part ok)
- extra engine gauges (what is that called?)
- posi
- ratio? I'll be mostly just driving, probably never to the
strip or track, so 3:55? Can I tell by VIN, from the outside?
I think a lower numeric is better for me - for mpg at least,
a 4:10 not so much
- blue or black (ok I can probably spot this part ok)

Did it come with that scoop? Some have cut exhaust tips, some

And - a breakdown of "premium" etc. I've seen red seats, tan,
black, cloth and leather, side air bags, etc.

Carfax seems like a solid bet, most of my cars have been
bought new (I've never bought a used car newer
than a 1969!, that cost more than $1500 ... no carfax
needed). I've learned of OASIS as well - sound real helpful.

Can I learn by vin if it still has any warranty left? That
is unlikely on a 5 year old car ... but a warrant is a good

A number of '06 around here (DC/west) seem to be low miles enough
(under 30K) to still
have OE tires - a good sign of light driving (unless the 10.5"
deep dish were on it for those 30K miles).

The backup plan is a CS coupe, blue.

So - all pointers are appreciated. Thanks!
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Jun 20, 2011
Leesburg VA
seen at carmax ...

This car is at the local carmax ...

2007 Ford Mustang GT in Dulles, VA- 7548328 at

It has 8K Miles, and 26K is in line with kbb for this car. It is white, not a
preferred color, one major ding, and some more wear than I would expect
from an 8K car (seat leather, passenger visor well worn). Exhaust is aftermarket, and intake is stock - but not in very well, so it had a cold
air system I'm not sure how to see if it had a tune ...

But - also very nice to drive. Ragtops shake a LOT!

No apparent (to me) signs of an accident. It was HOT today, but
with the white paint, and AC, and some velocity, it is quite
comfortable. What were OE tires?


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Mar 30, 2005
Sounds expensive to me for a car that is now that old.
A year ago I saw a new 2010 convertible GT pretty much loaded for just over $30,000.
Shop around before buying. I am suspicious of a car that old with no more miles than that yet seems to be worn quite a bit. Does not add up.
As far as details about premium and all that, there are many sources online and on this forum.
A hood scoop was not standard. It was an option and part of some packages. A dealer can run a VIN and tell you if there is any warranty left.


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Sep 16, 2001
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The price seems about right.

I traded my 08 gt coupe in for 18K and it was sold for 20k with 46,000 miles on it in Nov of 10.

I paid 24K for it new.

Mustangs are among the best cars as far as resale value goes.

Base Price $16,700 $18,075 $19,175 $22,400

Mileage: 30,000 $1,850 $1,850 $1,850 $1,850

Options: (add options)
Power Seat Std. Std. Std. Std.
Leather Seats $450 $450 $450 $500
GT California Pkg $1,050 $1,050 $1,050 $1,175
Shaker Stereo System $350 $350 $350 $400

TOTAL PRICE $20,400 $21,775 $22,875 $26,325*

* This Retail price is based on a clean vehicle history report . Don't make a $26,325 mistake. Get a Free VIN Check today. Find out why AutoCheck is better than Carfax.


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Jun 20, 2011
Leesburg VA
The actual window sticker is pretty cool! I did not know you could get those.

In the 2006 year, I've noted that a convertible is about $3,000 more than
a comparable coupe used.

On craigslist, there is a black 2006, seems pretty nice, but it did have
a control arm replaced in Feb - maybe a snow incident? It was also
corporate - which is not bad, miles per year are pretty good. The
price is not too bad but what sort of issues could be enountered
in the future? Worn bushings, maybe a bent rim?: 06 Ford Mustang GT Premium Conv Black with Red Ltr WOW!!

This one is nice, spoiler delete, but red and tan, that seems a LOT like
a Washington Redskins fan color car - I like football, but not enough
to paint the car like a fan. Besides spoiler delete, it does still have
some warranty left on it: 2006 Ford Mustang GT Premium, $20,510 -

Perfect day for a convertible today ....
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