Engine Valve Cover Leak

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  1. I've got a small leak in the drivers side valve cover. What is the torque spec on the bolts and the preferred order to tighten them? Any other tricks appreciated.
  2. If you don't have these, I would suggest a set of Ford Racing metal valve cover gaskets with the rubber seal around them. I have the Cobra polished aluminum valve covers and with the Ford Racing metal gaskets and torqued to 10 ft. lbs. I have no valve cover oil leaks.
  3. On my Corvair, the trick was to use composition valve cover gaskets, and coat both sides with high temp RTV before putting it together. It was a bear to get apart but did not leak.
  4. Get the blue Felpro rubber gaskets that have the metal backing and reinforced bolt holes. They go on dry and you just snug them up from the center out. Never had a leak with them.
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  5. Fel-Pro is usually makes the GOOD STUFF.

    Make sure the valve cover flanges are flat and clean before you put them back on. Without metal inserts in the gaskets, the bolts can be cranked down too far and that bends dips in the valve cover flange that need taken out with a ball peen hammer and a hard wood backing block.
  6. Most of the bolts were actually loose. I tightened them from the center out to just under 10 ft/lb. I think it's cured. I have only had a chance for a short drive.

    If that doesn't work, I"ll look into the gaskets to make sure they have the metal inserts.

  7. +1 on the gaskets with the metal skeleton and O-ring as part of the structure. Totally reusable and no RTV needed.

    I think they came on the 1993 Mustang and Fel-pro may make a set. Don't use the Cork gaskets
  8. mine leak too, but thats because some idiot over torqued a few bolts into the aluminum heads. Smedayi'll get around to helicoiling them