vinyl stipes

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  1. a guy at a body shop "doesnt reccomend" vinyl stripes cuz he says youll never work all of the bubbles out and its easy to mess them mother doesnt think im capible of putting them on myself. waterbottle full of water one teaspoon dish soap half teaspoon of rubbing alcohol. you slide it around until its perfect then squeegie the water out and all the bubbles, with a squeegie that doesnt scratch vinyl (i have two). then the small bubbles will work themselves out after being in the sun for a while. am i correct? please help me convince my mom that i know what im doing
  2. I believe just spraying windex down works as well. I wouldnt think it would be too hard to do. Also if you screw up you can take them off, although I dont think they can go back on.
  3. How wide are the stripes? How much do they cost, It is not as easy as it sounds, I have had good luck with small decals, but no luck with large ones,
    I tried to put a hood stripe in front of the hood scoop on my 2003 GT, like the one in my avatar, could never get all the bubbles out, had to order another one and the same thing happened, so I was out of $50, if they are cheap and you can afford to mess up a few times go for it.
  4. i installed the graffics express 12" kit it took about 6 hours. i used the fluid they sell kit and fluid was about 200 bucks. you also have to clean the car many times with nafta and you should do it in a garage to keep the dust down. they are 3m decals . i also used my lazer to shooy down the car then layed 2 3/4 blue tape line to set stripes to. you will also want to use a hair dryer to dry the ends that you wrap under it helps.

  5. Looks great! I am glad you had better luck than I did, I should have used their fluid, I need to put a hood stripe on my 85 GT after it is painted, I might try their kit.
  6. I just got pictures taken of my car yesterday!! I am getting one large stripe installed which is 41" in. wide with 3/8 inch pinstripes on the outside of the stripe.. It will go from bottom front, over the roof to bottom back..

    I will then buy some of the Bullet Billet Mustang wheels, and paint the star white to match the ralley stripe.. Then polish the lip of the wheels.. I will cap this with a Duck-Tail on the trunk deck lid..

    It will look really nice.. The stripe is going to cost me $541 installed.. A graphics design sign shop will do the work.. They did one of my Mercedes Benz'es several years ago.. There was no air bubbles, and most people thought it was actual paint..

    When its finished, I'll post some pictures of my car.. My car color is the light blue..

  7. You have a beautiful car man!! I like the seats matching the outside color scheme.. Sweet!!

    My stripe will be like yours, but one large stripe with pinstripes.. It will also go all the way down in the front, unlike yours..

    You really should take the stripe all the way down in the front of the car.. It adds the Elanor look to the car.. "Dont stop until the panties drop!" But overall you have done a great job!! :nice:

    Also, can you post a link to the sequential tailghts device? Thanks!