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  1. Vortech V-1 S-Trim, 0 Miles since fresh rebuild form Vortech. Satin, In Very good condition. Comes with everything needed to install on a 87-93 Fox. We made over 500rwhp with this setup ,and it never let us down. Will include a blowoff valve and a set of used 42lb injectors to whoever ends up purchasing. We will ship,please send zip for shipping quote. Send email for pictures,im not entirely sure how to post them here. Asking 1500 complete plus actual shipping - selling all of our 5.0 fox parts off cheap to make room for the 2010!!!
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    Will take 1000 plus shipping- INCREDIBLE DEAL!!!!
  4. interested pm me!!!
  5. Hey why arent you selling the TFS cam you told me you have too if you are getting rid of all your old parts? I saw your list of parts you are selling, no TFS cam....i told you over the phone i was looking for a cam and you asked what cam am i looking for? I told you a tfs stage 1 and what do you know, you had one of those too! Also new in the box! But its not on your for sale list.... And Keri Hope of Alberta Canada is listed as a female on Facebook. You said thats your wife. Why would your wife use your name like you said she did, but then list themselves as a female??????? and you wont accept paypal, only a check or money wire? SHADY!!:bs: thats safe for the seller and not the buyer... If youre not a scammer you are gonna hafta do something more to show everybody youre not full of ****! because ive done a lot of research on you and address' you have given me are not mathcing up and i found out that Keri Hope of Alberta CA is indeed a Female. NOT a male and you are not her husband! You Told me straight up you are KERI HOPE, not her husband. You misspelled your own name on an email to me! If your name is Keri, you wouldnt spell your name Kerry on accident now would you???!!!!!!!
  6. look at my post regarding this...

    nail meet hammer.
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