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  1. WHO has the best sub?

    I can personally speak for Solo bariks. The box and the port have to be HUGE on that bad boy. I have a S12L7 Kicker. It is loud, it hits hard, and then again the sound quality isn't too good. My sub is wired at 1 ohm, (DVC 2 ohm sub) and the amp pushing it is a MA Audio 1000 watt amp.

    I'm trying to get rid of my L7, and get something better. Harder hitting, clearer, more powerfull, and better sub.

    Whatcha got? (don't be afriad to throw sizes and specs out too)
  2. I'm also throwing around some ideas about number of subs and size... 3-4 8's 1 15, 2 12's.. you know

    The vehicle in question is a 1990 5.0 hatchback
  3. ttt, come on people
  4. I'll give my biased opinion.

    I had two Kicker Competition 10" subs in a sealed box with stuffing and loved it. The sound was crisp and punched hard and didn't boom and wake everyone in town up.
  5. MTX 9500 :p
  6. Hey, people are coming in, I am waiting for iskism to come in and explain every different setup known to man. Has anyone run 4 8's or 4 10's?

    Keep the lists coming.
  7. PM user S&B. I think he has run either 4 8's or 4 10's. I could be mistaken.
  8. if your going to run 4 of anything its going to require alittle more airspace than a trunk. Remember bass needs airspace, just like fire needs oxygen to survive. Your best bet is taking out that ol backseat and building you a box that fires out like I am doing with my 2 Mtx 9500's..
  9. The backseat came out yesterday, so that is fine. S&B has 3 10's if i'm not mistaken.

  10. Essentially,when you run multiple speakers,you getting the equal amount of cone surface area,so 4 8"= 32" of cone,thats why people say they hit harder then 2 12"s and so on.

    Well I have ran 4 10" Redline back in the day in a transmission line ported enclosure with very tight bass.I have in my truck 3 JL 12's, little sloppy due to box design,was made for SPL not SQ.I put 4 L5 12" in my buddies truck,sounds very good,tight,not too muddy.I see nothing wrong with L5/7's.The box is a huge factor in the sound.The specs can be from .8-1.2 i think,the smaller the box,the tighter, punchier bass youll get,the bigger ported boxs are for boomy bass,not to defined.

    What size/type box do you have now????
  11. I'm not positive on the demensions of my box on my L7. I know that the port on it isn't as big as the Kicker boxes. The sound just isn't was I'm looking for.
  12. Would it be good to run 4 10's? 2 facing the truck/hatch and 2 facing the front, in the area where the rear cushin was?
  13. assuming the speaker will need about .5-.8 cu ft,you would need at least 2.4 cu ft of air space in the box(minus the .5 the woofer will displace)
  14. Alright, When I go back to work on my car Sunday morning, I'll get a few measurements on how big the area where the seat used to be. Maybe run a box the width of the car, door to door, and throw 3 10's in there, and put 1 8 in the hatch to make people think all that noise is from one 8" sub.
  15. TTT

    Come on, recomend the subs and sizes you have:
  16. I have 2 10'' jlw3v2s and a 500/1 jl amp and it rattles all of my mirrors and everything. Ill never go away from jl anymore the quality and sound is just flat out the best in my opinion. Ive had rockford 12's and my 10s outbeat them anyday.
  17. Well I just got back from 5 hours of misc. stuff on the car. The area where the bench used to be is too short, and too narrow. DAMN

    I took all the interior panels off, I'm putting a new headliner in, and have to have all off. While the panels are off, I ran new RCA's and new remote under all the carpet, and under the stock sound deadening.

    I also removed the moon roof to get the headliner off, and all the molding around the edge of it is CRACKED AND SOLID. That isn't looking good. While I have it off, I'm going to put around 5% tint, and maybe put 2 layers of 5% on it.
  18. Wow, you guys are killing me here.

    4 8" = 32" so they hit harder than 2 12 'cause they only equal 24'? :bang:

    Has math changed that much since I was out of school? What ever happend to the area of a circle was pi*R squared? The area of an 8 is 50.24 sq inches, so four of them totals 200.96 sq inches. The area of a 12" is 113.04 sq inches, so two of them are 226.08 sq inches. So two 12" woofers still have more surface area than 4 8".

    Also, unless things have also changed a lot since I was into audio, you need to have the Thiele-Small Parameters to talk about enclosure size and response. I am seeing comments thrown around here on some of these replies when the only thing stated is the size of the cone. :nono: Yes, you can gereralize a little and say " a lot of 10" drivers need between .75 and 1 cubic foot", but that is not the case for all 10" drivers.

    The relationship between the speaker and the enclosure, and then the two of them combined to the amplifier is all very basic math and science. For the most part, no one speaker is better than another in all applications. That is why you need the Thiele-Small Parameters to figure out what woofer will perform best in the enclosure and power you have to work with. Anyone interested in how this stuff really works should do a quick Google search for "Thiele-Small Parameters".
  19. Well I've ran 4 10" kicker comp's . Liked it, nice and tight but not overly loud.
    Back in the day ran 4 12" lanzer's was fun, but too boomy for my taste.
    Had 6 8"s for a little while, Didn't have the extension I wanted, and left too much to be desired.
    Now 1 15" stroker will make your teeth rattle but if memory serves me it's like 4 or 5 cuft of airspace.

    Have built systems with up to 8 12", 4 15", 12 8", 12 tweeters and while it was loud it was pretty much a useless car once all the gear was in.

    For me where I'm at now a decent 10 or pair gets me the sound I want without the undo attention.
  20. dont take things so literal and try to use big fancy name to make everybody think you have all this unfound knowledge. It was a simple answer witout getting too deep and totally losing the oringinal question in a bunch of bull****. So take your calculations and figure it out and prove people wrong.