water temp/fuel gauge not working

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  1. my first post...hello everyone i hope you can help me with this I am bringing a 97 mustang 3.8l v6 back to life for my little brother and i am having a lot of problems with it.....right now i am tryin to figure out my gauge problem...my fuel and temp gauge dont work...i replaced the water temp sending unit and still nothing the sending unit was faulty as i tested resistance throughout temperatures...the gauge goes to hot as soon as i turn the ingnition on and stays there...went to work with the multimeter and noticed that i am getting a 12volt reading from the connectors at the fuel sending unit and at the temp sending unit when im only supposed to be getting a 5volt pulse....i think that is my problem and its the reason why both sending units are fried but how do i fix it...could be a voltage regulator problem??...if it is.. where is it exactly in the 97 mustang? i know in the older models u could find it right behind the instrument cluster but i dont see anything here....please help me out. thank you :shrug: