Weight of the mustang II

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  1. Does anyone know the weight of there V8 hatchback?
  2. Everything I've read indicates weights between 2500 lbs for a stripper V8 racecar (no interior, no accessories such as AC, radio, etc.) all the way to 3200 lbs. for a factory 302-powered CBII with full accessories.
  3. That should be pretty close to the correct range ... 3140lb for my 351W hatchback with some CBII parts and no back seat.
  4. I am hoping to be less then 3000 but we will see I will have to weigh it when I get it running. The car is stripped no fiberglass panels yet I will do that later on. My wife says I should lose weight not the car.
  5. I just thought of something. Is the 3140 with you in it or by it self?
  6. Wont do you any good in a side impact situation, but a major weight loss would be removing the impact beam in the doors.
  7. I will keep that in mind about the doors great idea. I hear the bumpers are heavy also I have never had one off yet.
  8. If you have a town dump, or tranfer staion, they usually have a truck weight scale to detremine the charge for commercial loads.
    Just pull the car up on it, and ask the guy watching the scale.
  9. 3140lb was with me off the scale trying to peek in the window to read the weight.
  10. Yes quite heavy. Throw in the energy absorbing brackets that they mount to the car with and its a considerable amount.
  11. Your car would weigh 3400 with me in it. How much more weight is the 351 to the 302, and are those iron heads on it? The tremec how much more then the t-5? Man I was hoping for 3000 with me in it. I did add subframe connectors and traction bars those added more weight. I think I will have to get very creative.
  12. The scaleweight on my '78s title says 2975 lbs. Not sure how accurate that is but should be close. No rear seats, racing buckets in the front, 289/C4 auto... everything else stock.

    I've seen fiberglass hatches for fastbacks (add lexan window and you're in good!), glass door skins, front fenders, f&r bumpers, and even seen glass door skins.

    I'm sure there is planty of fat that could be dieted off the II if someone was really serious about it. :D

  13. You have the pinto swap headers on your car? I am going to have some one try to do this to my car but its a 302. Nobody had a 1 5/8 for the 302 II only the pinto. I did convert to manual brakes for this. How long did it take to get the headers the guy ordered them a month ago for me and still doesnt have them. I tryed the headmans and there are two tubes on the drivers side that interfear one right in front of the clutch cable hole in the fox bellhousing and the other hits the fork or the fork hits it. The tubes are too small and they are oval I matched them up to my heads and it cuts the square 4 corners, looks like exhaust leak city so I didnt want to bother with them. So this was my second option next to custom made from scratch.
  14. i scaled my king several years back. came in at 3016 without driver. keep in mind it is not stock. there have been a slew of the typical mods made to the car.
  15. Is that with frame connectors and traction bars, full interior?
  16. weight includes ssm bars, subs and full interior.

    typical changes are the wheels/tires, tubular front arms, no spare tire or jack, lots of aluminum in the engine bay, including the heads and manifold, headers and no ac. stripped out most of the componets that are not needed under the dash and engine compartment.

    i have a ton of time scraping away the factory sound deading material under the carpet. not sure of the composition of the material (seems to have a tar like consistancy) but it took 32lbs out of the car. stuff covered the tunnel, under the seats, the foot boxes and near the spare wheel tub.

    i need to go through my backup disk at home to find the certificate. as soon as i track it down i will post. i posted it quite few years ago. not sure if that thread is still around.
  17. I did the sound deading also that stuff is heavy. I have almost no interior in mine two stock seats and a dash I was wanting to get the plastic race seats from jegs. My heads are iron but I have aluminum intake, water pump, and alt bracket manual brakes, manual steering. I have the car running now so I will try to get to the weighing place this week and see what I come up with.
  18. 2929 with out me, 3192 with me. Looks like I will have to loose weight also. I dont have my rodlites on yet. Thats with turbines, 1inch spacers and street tires over 3quarters of a tank of gas. I thought it was going to be more but this is a start.
  19. how about a coupe ? are they lighter. I have one 351 windsor. sound deadner removed. and I am going to buy glass bumpers because mine look like a fat ladys ass. I found them at mas for 75.00 each. I also removed all the air stuff and heater blower etc. manual steering and brakes. weld draglites. frame connectors
  20. You removed the FRAME CONNECTORS????:nono: