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  1. What's the curb weight on our cars?
    And how can we measure it... other than a dyno that has a scale? :shrug:
  2. 1,391 kg

    Edit: Did the math for ya. It comes out to 3060.2 pounds.
  3. wow, thats pretty light
  4. Ya, that's what I though. I though it was somewhere between 3200 and 3300 but I guess not. That might be for the GT?
  5. I thought the GT's were like 33-3400

    I wouldn't thinbk going v8-v6 would drop you that much weight. I mean, yeah, alot but no 300lbs
  6. I know, I was thinking the same. I know that the Mach1 is like 3425 or around there. 300 seems unreasonable but that's what I was able to find. :shrug:
  7. light? go look at some 60's 302 mustangs, they tip in at under 3000lb's
  8. most street foxes tip the scales at about 30-3200lbs and they can be taken down way lower than that

    my friends carbed notch had a race weight of about 2800lbs and all he did was a little basic weight reduction
  9. Coolness! Thanks Zinc... appreciate it. I think mine maybe a little lighter than that cause i've lost the mach system and few other little crap, might be around 3000 even. :nice:
  10. I must have been reading the sticker wrong in my car then cause it says it's over 4000 pounds.
  11. That just can't be right.

  12. the sticker in the door or whereever is the GVWR

    which means basically, the car with a full tank of gas, all the fluids, and carrying all the weight that that car can legally carry

    so that number is very blown up
  13. If you're close to an interstate, why not just pull into one of the semi-truck scale houses? They'll be able to tell you, I've done it before at around 4:00 am, but I was driving a crown vic at the time, so I can't help you with the weight on a stang
  14. The shipping weight on my car ('00 5-speed w/ power everything, leather, base stereo, 16" wheels) was a hair under 3000 lb. I was surprised at that, but that's what the dealer invoice thing I got from Ford said.
  15. Are those places even open in Ohio? In every weigh station in PA/NJ/DE they are all closed down.

    My guess would be a recylcing plant.
  16. I think the convertibles weigh about 250lbs more than the base stangs??? Can someone confirm this?

    Don't tell me i'm fat!! :( hehe
  17. yea i am pretty sure i heard verts were between 200 and 250 heavier than coupes.
  18. Yeah, I might try that Wiegh station thing and Verts are a little heavier than coupes... but not a drastic amount
  19. The dyno shop I go to has a scale on-site! :nice:

  20. DUDE! AWESOME!!!

    Wait, you live in Iowa!...
    Teh lose :notnice: