Drivetrain welding axle tubes

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  1. back to the subject.

    Yes, you can weld the tubes, but I've often seen pro shops use a jig that aligns the tubes with each other prior to welding. I'm not even sure if the tubes are colinear with each other or if there is a slight degree of negative toe in the axle. These are questions that you really need to find out the answer for before you weld.

    Welding a hollow tube can be tricky, because even if you hold it in place with a jig, it can still distort. I do it all the time on a smaller scale and even after releasing the part it sometimes flexes toward a particular direction.

    Do you need to weld the axle?
  2. I probably will with a 347 turbo setup
  3. I am a heavy diesel equip mechanic , buses mainly and i have yet to see an inner seal thats why i was boggled by this
  4. I've never seen a rear axle with inner seals LOL. In a straight front axle 4x4 truck maybe. Your axle seals will leak at the drum/rotor. If you run a slick or a drag radial you run the risk of the tube spinning in the center section. It happens. Can you weld it? YES. Should you weld it? If you make enough power I would.
  5. It is a front axle if you look at the other pics.
  6. ...and srtthis and looked at the rear ends of a LOT of racers. Look at his CT for cryin' out loud. o_O
  7. Why would you need inner seals? The diff fluid is free to slosh around in either axle tube all the way the outer bearings and seals

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  8. Yeah if you have these so called inner seals what would you need outers for?
  9. One reason you don't have inner seals is because you want the lube to get to the bearing at the end of the tube. On a front straight axle in a 4x4 you have inner seals and a dry tube because the outer bearing is contained in the hub and is grease packed.
  10. Right i understand that lol
  11. Some Jeeps, in the 1943 era and later have inner axle seals.

    That said, I solved the above dilema by simply putting a number of welds spaced around the tubes on my axle. The center section is cast steel so it should weld ok with mig or flux core. Not sure if I needed it yet, but the axle was out and accessible.