Well, we got our snow! pic

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  1. Here it is!


    I hate snow...and imagine just a few days ago I was outside at night tuning up the car and it wasn't really cold out! Weird weather!
  2. hey man my dad went down yesterday to suffolk to visit our family. He said they had 9"!!!
    The only really bad thing is that he drove the new truck down. :nonono:
  3. That makes me glad I don't live in Suffolk.
  4. Hows it been so far?
    Dad said something like 13".....I'm still waiting.
  5. I understand here in Va Beach we got about 4", and it stopped a couple of hours ago.
    Just looked outside, and I can see the moon and the stars, so it has passed. Hooray!
  6. WELL!!!

    It just started here.
  7. i heard it might rain tomorrow here :( oh well , sandals and shorts are ALWAYS in the forcast....i dress "optimistically" :)
  8. we had only one snow fall and that was like 3 in

    That was about a month and a half ago.
  9. We got maybe 2 inches last night. It's perfect because I can go do some donuts but not get stuck!
  10. As soon as I posted that it stopped.
  11. no snow :nonono:
  12. We got 13"
  13. I see clouds in the distance. :notnice: