What Am I Missing? (93 Lx)

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  1. Hi there! I have a 93 lx convertible 2.5L mustang. My dad and I have just done TONS of work replacing the front and rear brakes, the brake cables, plugs, plugwires, and transmission filter and fluid. When we start it, it runs fine, and idles just fine. But whenever we drive it, specifically up hills, it just seems to lack the proper power it needs and should have. Any suggestions on what needs to be inspected or changed?
  2. Start with the engine. It's an anemic 4 cylinder that was bad from the factory. No seriously, when was the last time you replaced the air and fuel filters, cap, rotor, adjusted the timing? You say it runs and idles fine- no smoke? No coolant or oil loss or burning? How many miles on the motor. Sounds like a tired motor.
  3. clogged cat?
  4. You know it's only 105HP right? Not exactly earth-shattering performance for a 3400 lb car.

    Are you certain there's an issue, or just surprises at the lack of power?

    I owned a 1990 2.3L and that was only rated at 88HP. It was bad going up hills.