What Is This Called? Door Stop, Pin, Guide, Etc? (pic)

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  1. What is this called? As you can see the little plastic/rubber piece is missing from the hole, and the door rattles, but I don't know what to call it to locate the part.

    Or... If you know where i can get it, let me know.


  2. Maybe I'm wrong here but your door striker has NO bushing. Mine has a plastic bushing. I'm pretty sure the part that you are pointing to is only use in a crash.
  3. Yea, i know that rubber/plastic piece(bushing) is missing, thats what im looking for. I just dont know what to call it. Ive searched "striker" last night, but all i get is the actual striker, not this thing.
  4. I may be totally off base here. But, my hatch does not have what that arrow is pointing at, so my guess is that this must be a convertible. I assume that bracket holds the rear quarter window regulator or something?

    While you are definitely missing the striker bushing (which fits over the striker which is down and left from your arrow) I would think that the regulator is just missing a simple rubber plug (examples of which can be found all over the floor of your car) to keep water from leaking into the interior.
  5. what srtthis said, remove the large round bolt that is door latch using a torx socket (autozone, advance etc)... slide the bushing on and bolt back on using the witness marks from the giant washer to ensure proper door closure/fitment... easy cheap and rattle gone check the dorman help stuff at the parts store they probably have them
  6. nope there is a jack leg on the door that goes into that bracket but its a door thing nothing with belt, window etc

    no rubber or any kind of bushing there... never was...
  7. Assuming it's a Convertible ??
    That part is called a door alignment wedge.
    142288d1319896074-help-identify-part-1990-convertible-lx-door-pin.jpg 142288d1319896074-help-identify-part-1990-convertible-lx-door-pin.jpg

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  8. The door striker bushing is missing, and that is what is causing your rattle. (Green arrow pointing at the striker)

    Here is mine with an intact bushing.

    EDIT: I should note that I have no idea if there is anything wrong with the alignment wedge as posted above, but you definitely need the striker bushing first.
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  9. ^^^ exactly right... just replace the striker bushing,

    when i asked years ago the dealer said the alignment piece helped prevent door sag.. its only metal, no bushings etc...
  10. Thanks guys. I should have noticed that bushing was missing on the striker. I kept comparing the drivers side to the passenger side "thing I pointed to" and the pass side seemed to have something in it. But you guys are totally right. Sorry to bug you with such a silly question.

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  13. That is a fine demonstration, sir!!
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