What is this part

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  1. I have a 2012gt, its located on the bumper near the radiator, does this look righ or something missing

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  2. I just got my 2012 today and I noticed that as well. I BELIEVE its an oxygen sensor or maybe a temperature sensor but mine looks the same... just hanging out there in the breeze.
  3. That is the sensor for the temp that shows up on your radio display
  4. TEMP.......
  5. Hey, I saw the same on my 2012 GT...Going to hide it with an engine
    oil cooler with some red and blue AN Fittings!!
  6. :nono: It really isn't that noticable. If you block it with something like an oil cooler the ambient temp read out on radio display will be off. Nice to know if its cold or hot outside.
  7. That's the ambient air temperature sensor. I would assume your dashboard somewhere displays the outside temperature? That is the sensor.