what is this worth?

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  1. The other day i went and looked at an 88 lx convertable 2.3 auto(lol the guy did not even know the year of it) it needs some work but mainly only cosmetic it needs a new passenger finder and a new top and a couple of other little things and i have all the parts needed. The car looks like it has been sitting up for at least a year the guy said it does run but it needed a new battery. It has all power and has vinal seats. i think it has 116k miles but im not sure it could be more.
  2. Tree Fitty.
  3. Tree Bills, vinal seats???????
  4. yea they look like blue vinal not leather if i get it ill put in my clothseats from my other convertable. yea i went to kbb but i just thought i would ask u guys on your opinion
  5. Do not pay over $1500 for it. Yes, convertibles hold their value better, but it's still just a 4cyl. In retrospect I think I overpaid for mine, not by much, but still.
  6. He has a point talk down on the fact that it is a 4cyl and that the resale for a 5.0 is what usually stays high.

  7. Yeah, I agree. The 5.0 'vert is where the money is, I say $2500(average 10+ yr old fox 5.0 'vert) and up, depending on condition, miles and mods.