What is this worth?


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Apr 29, 2020
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My engine recently lost oil pressure while I was trying to do a base idle reset in my driveway. Quickly killed the engine and determined the oil pump shaft had sheared. No damage or noises noted. Rather than fix it I just decided to pull everything and do a mod motor swap. So I've got everything pulled and have no idea what to list it for...

5.0 & T-5 out of an 87 GT. Unknown mileage, but the engine ran good and trans shifted good. All 8 cylinders had a good compression check. Just needs the oil pump. The engine is all factory, never been torn into.
Complete engine/fuel injector/O2 harnesses and new refurbished ECU (speed density)
All sensors most of which are brand new
All accessories (new PS pump)
New distributor, coil, and starter
Has stainless shorties and a 70mm TB
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Jun 14, 2004
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It's worth what someone is willing to pay for it. There's no real way to estimate the dollar value. I'd call a pull a part and see what they would charge for an engine and transmission. Used T5s are in the neighborhood of $150, and if I had to guess it's probably about the same for the engine.



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Mar 7, 2002
$150 for a T-5? Not around here. That market is bone dry. I guess that's why it's hard to judge a price. FB marketplace doesn't have any 5.0s or T-5s, and most junkyards around here haven't had a fox body mustang in them for many years.
The cheapest T5 I can find on CL in my area is $500, and it's the super common and less desirable 3.8L SN95 variant.

The engine on the other hand, would be hard to put a value on. Explorer pull-outs from self-service yards can be had for about $200-300 in most parts of the country with better heads than the engine you've got, and they more than likely didn't starve for oil, not even for a few seconds. I'm not a gambling man, so your engine to me would be a core to rebuild, I wouldn't just slap a pump in it and go, so I'd be maxxed-out at the $200 range there personally (note, that's just for the long block, add a couple hundred more for the accessories and wiring harness, and another $200-300 for the ECU depending on which one you have).


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Feb 18, 2001
T5's are spendy in my area as well. I used to pay $0-50 for a blown core, now people want $200-300 for one with issues, and $400-500+ for a supposedly working T5.

A used 302 that had some issues? Eh..in my mind it would need to be dirt cheap ($100-200) to drop it into a car as is, otherwise i would buy it for the block only and plan on a total tear down. Better off parting it out and selling the efi ECU and wiring separately (although nobody seems to want SD parts) and the long block separately. I've seen explorer short/long blocks sell for $200-400 depending on level of dress and what is packaged with it.

All this is regional of course. Up here in the northeast, cars rusted out long ago, so 302 explorers are even getting harder to find since they were driven in the snow and rotted out 5-10 years ago.