what spark plugs to run

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by mustangrfast88, Oct 20, 2003.

  1. ok here goes my question is which plugs to run i have edelbrock victor jr heads and was told only autolite 23 will work in these heads but if i run the bottle with a 150 shot i need a plug 2 steps cooler so which plug will i run with i thought the autolite 23 were the hottest and the 24,25,26 were cooler so what do i do
  2. Autolite 3922 gapped at .035. The 23's are for cast iron heads.

  3. Why am I running 3923's?? Got to ask Eric about that. Maybe that is part of the reason I blew it up. :(
  4. 150 shot isn't that big, 1 range cooler should be enough. TF recommends 3924's, and I use the 3923. Those 3922's must be hard to find as I've never noticed them when buying plugs.
  5. NAPA has 'em. Hey Mike, where ya been? :)
  6. I have been working hard. Got to finance my addiction. :D
    Trying to decide what motor I will put in my coup. Matt whose blue coup is on Eric's website? Looks like a drag radial car.