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  1. okay guys, i have a 2012 5.0 6speed gt c/s and so far i did the boss intake swap bama computer tune, intake and slp after cat loud mouths any suggestions on what to do next performace wise ? oh and i was looking at some hi flow tbs on line the other day any of them worth getting ?
  2. Headers

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  3. The next thing I would look at is a BBK throttle body and headers. After that, I would look at a Tri-Ax shifter and improving suspension.

    Let me know if I can help you with that.
  4. im looking at headers online now and holly :poo: i know its been a few years since ive messed around with cars but 1,700$ for headers lol i did just order some 4:10 gears though lol im not on the highway much so these should be fun lol
  5. Blower + Ford racing suspension + Rims and tires...
  6. Yeah, I had that reaction when I first started looking around. These S197s are darn expensive to play with.
  7. 1000 bux for 5 hp...please
  8. if he thought 1700 for headers was high he'll :poo: when he sees the blower can cost up to 7500.00...lol
  9. Playing cost money...............................:nice:
  10. i dont mind that at least there are moving parts lmao
  11. An entire Pypes exhaust (LT headers, X-pipe with HF cats, 3" cat-back) is only $1500 through Summit.
  12. Pulleys?!
  13. god lord that is crazy..i can buy a 5.0 fox body for that..lol
  14. OP: Not sure how much experience you've had modding other cars, but I'd suggest you start with a plan, which should come from what your objectives are. One of the reasons so many guys on here spend boatloads on their cars is because they just start throwing parts at it, without a clear objective.

    What are you wanting to do with your car? Drag races? Road course? Just play on the streets?

    4:10s are some serious gears for a street car, even if you don't plan on running the highway a lot. And if you add a blower, like some are encouraging you to do, you're gonna pull those 4:10s right back off, unless you're building a purpose-built drag car.
    So, start with telling us why you're modding the car? What is it you want it to do, or do better, than it currently performs?
  15. Hahaha, yea and for the price of a supercharger with install and tune you could buy 2 Foxes and a New Edge!! Crazy huh??!!
  16. What Husky44 said...
  17. Yep you need to have a plan don't just spend money..................:banana: