what wheel/tire size for a 67 fastback

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  1. i have been looking at wheels and tires for my 67 fastback. hard decission...
    for now im ordering new front and rear stock suspension that is 1" lower and im putting a 8.8" rearend in it. i have front spindle and brakes from a v8 car so its already 5-lug and im going to do a 5-lug conversion in the rear. im doing this just to get the car driveable (after 4 years of not being able to drive it).
    future plans include an irs unit out of an 03 cobra, tcp or control freak type front suspension, and baer brakes. i will lower it more if it looks like it needs it.
    im looking at 18" and 20" wheels that are made by coyswheel model c-5.
    i think 18x8 is the widest for the front so can i fit an 18x9.5 or 20x8.5 in the rear, what backspacing would i need. or 18x9.5 in front and 20x10 in rear would be nice maybe. i can add fender flares for clearance on the outside but i dont want to mess with anything on the inside.

    sorry its so long i tried to put all info you would need. ..thanks for the help..
  2. why such huge wheels? you know it increases unsprung weight and slows down your acceleration....also there is no performance advantage to any wheel larger than 17", I'd do 17x10 in back and 17x8 up front with some good tires and call it a day,I'll personally never buy a wheel bigger than 16" myself
  3. i got an 8.8" rearend, motor, and T-5 out of a wrecked 92 gt. the motor got stroked to 331(built to be supercharged) and the T-5 and 8.8 are being rebuilt.
    as far as the wheels being to big you are correct about the 20". but i know im not going smaller than an 18". the side of the fastbacks look thick to me, so i think an 18" fills the wheelwells up nicely if the car is lowered. you are also correct about the unsprung weight, and i did think about that but im not building a strictly drag car. at one point i was going to but the cops are terrible around here now, plus all the drivetrain i got was out of a car that was wrecked while dragracing.
    so what about 18x8 in front with 4.5 backspacing and 18x9.5 in rear with 5 backspacing would that work???
  4. not sure about the backspacing(still debating on wheels for my 66 and havent researched the backspacing needed yet) but 18s are much better than 20s and with those widths should put enough rubber on the ground to be a fun street car, just make sure you make enough power to spin those things
  5. You will need at least 6" BS on the rears. I think 6.25" would be better. A friend of mine has 18x9 with 6" BS and has room to go inside a bit more.