Whats the difference between??

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  1. The one on the left is. You can see the boat in the river and the current is moving the wrong direction. I had to get Pretty Close to see it though and then it hit me.
  2. Shhh you're not suppose to tell the difference ;)
  3. good lord....

    that was last thing I needed at 6 in the morning at work haha
  4. trickster, 2 pictures, one slightly different, which one, um...EITHER!
  5. These are so lame.
  6. Well to be honest I didn't find this my self, It was posted on the 6CL Talk. I just didn't want people to go read the post first before clicking on the link. This was the first time I saw one of these and thought it was freaken funny so I reposted it here. When I first clicked on in it was almost completely dark in my house since I was about to go to bed. I had my volume up pretty loud since I was checking up some street racing links. Lets just say I flinched :eek:
  7. Yeah, I saw it on my local club board a week or so ago....had my speakers up loud and wasn't prepared (somehow missed the .swf suffix :doh: )....scared me pretty good.

  8. I came home a little tired from work this afternoon, but now I'm wide awake. My eyes just got real wide and I froze for a sec.. Then I started laughing, thanks I needed that Pro-Hawk. Now instead of taking a nap maybe I'll work on my model. :D
  9. Ya its hard to sleep with that picture in your head :eek:
  10. Pro, that should have been post 666 for you, not 777.

    I about crapped myself on that one. :(
  11. I've posted that many post already...crap I've turned into a post whore :doh: